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Albert Stannard - micro ship builder

Airbrush: Fischer Aerostar<br />
Paint: Rotring ink<br />
Surface: Shoellerhammers board 50 x 70...
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Airbrush: Fischer Aerostar
Paint: Rotring ink
Surface: Shoellerhammers board 50 x 70 cm
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  2. ignis
    I used Rotring ink that has been out of production for years now. The skin colors are always built by laying shades of brown over which a very diluted orange (1:20 mix ration) is sprayed; it instantly gives natural skin tones.
  3. jacksparrow
    only one word to describe that.Stunning!!!
  4. AeroDit Kustom
    AeroDit Kustom
    Definitivamente un gran trabajo!!!!!
  5. ranhalen
    incredible piece ignitis
  6. Zotilraxx
    It is an awesome pic, really nice composition.

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