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Biomech Snail

A2 170g paper<br />
<br />
H&amp;S Evolution 0,15mm setup<br />
Schmincke black with destilled...
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A2 170g paper

H&S Evolution 0,15mm setup
Schmincke black with destilled water
Eraser pen
Whole picture is freehanded, no shields or stencils used.
  1. Vedbal
    great work mate!
  2. Stranger375
  3. gialaouzidis dionisis
    gialaouzidis dionisis
    The snail rules!how many hours it took you to finish?
  4. Stranger375
    Thank´s mate :) . Im not sure but i think the whole painting took me around 4 to 5 hours i think. And i just see that i wrote it´s on A2 paper, actualy it´s A3 size.

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