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older lady

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12889 12994 13182 13495 13555 13568 13586 older lady clone tag: -6884253457471979834 Leslie-Nielsen 13951 13963 Facebook winter challenge 2018 Sean connery 14072 Katherine-McNamara.
  1. doc1 and Tuffnutz like this.
  2. Tuffnutz
    Good job dude.
    Chops can be very tricky, especially that stuff they call colour.....
    Never use black for shadows ever. Tweak colour with opposite of flywheel.
    Hark at me ! He who does colour all the time.
    I might even have a fit and try my luck on some White paper. What????

    But monotone ish. Hahahahahaha!
  3. erwin de pan
    erwin de pan
    Thanks. It may be different in the picture but the only thing that is really black are the pupils and the background.
    But I also used a mix of umber and transparent gray which is almost black.

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