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skull on 700x500mm smoth card

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Skull study A Nother Skull 2417 a bit more added to my last upload Dem Bones A3 card The Shining Twins but is it bad taste Adjustments to eyes B&W RAIN Every picture tells.... VaMP RaMP skull on 700x500mm smoth card Another Vamp Skull 500 x 700 mm card SMILE 700 X 500 MM CARD another Vmpy Gal Crimson Madonna 700 x 400 mm card Trauma Skulls on A1 size card
  1. Rudesaneskill, J000seph and Tuffnutz like this.
  2. Tuffnutz
    good depth of field. Hey, I'm using big words now.
  3. Dutch
    thanks Tuffnutz i`m getting there

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