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the bad

airbrush on paper 33x 48 cm about 30 hours of work
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airbrush on paper 33x 48 cm about 30 hours of work
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    ciao justme, no, in black and white, i never use the white color. i put a big part of the white in the black, so, it's possible to paint all details and remain in little space, without that the trace is too black. initially i use a color very very light, as you can to see.I return many time on the parts already painted and i put a bit more of the color and improve the details. it's is possible using the flash memory using with left hand a little piece of paper. It's hard ,maybe to explain it
  3. ignis
    This piece - like all of your work - blows me away... you're a great artist and person. Kudos maestro!
    ciao ignis, thank you my friend, but no maestro, alberto is enough.
  5. Glen Hunter
    Glen Hunter
    Alberto...please let us know how you got started in airbrushing...what is your background, influences, how and where did you learn to do such beautiful work. If not already, you need to have someone document, film, photograph your progress through one of your pieces. It would be a great help to others in understanding what it takes to produce such magnificent artwork. As you already know, everyone who sees your artwork are like scratching their heads as to how you attain the level of detail i
    ciao glen, on my web site there are some mine first works, they are indicated. For me it's hard to write in english, i don't speack. i bagun to draw the race cars when i had 4 years, so i always wanted to do the race pilote. when i was yong, i raced by an alfa romeo long 6 years, after i tuned race cars for many years, after, when i stopped to work about engines ,i restart to paint for a friend of mine who had a body shop. I began immediately with an airbrush . i never used him, but i was able t

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