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The Shining Twins but is it bad taste

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Sketch on A2 300 grm card A1 card second version Skull so far Skull study A Nother Skull 2417 a bit more added to my last upload Dem Bones A3 card The Shining Twins but is it bad taste Adjustments to eyes B&W RAIN Every picture tells.... VaMP RaMP skull on 700x500mm smoth card Another Vamp Skull 500 x 700 mm card SMILE 700 X 500 MM CARD another Vmpy Gal
  1. Dimitris likes this.
  2. Tuffnutz
    Like lots of Ketchup dude.
  3. Dimitris
    Niceeee, it could easily be a cover for the twin sisters horror movie!
  4. Franc Kaiser
    Franc Kaiser
    A redrum piece!
  5. Dutch
    Thanx guys but I`m always disappointed with my uploaded photos, your stuff is always sharp
  6. Tuffnutz
    Hey, my pictures I upload are not even close to what they really are. If you upload to your albums it’s 500k but too works in progress it’s 1mb. That’s if you didn’t know dude.

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