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About skulls etc.

Discussion in 'Colour Theory' started by Bandit, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Bandit

    Bandit Guest

    What color should the preference be when you want to paint skulls? I usually use black, but it gets too dark, I've usually outline with black but then when shadows and all details is painted it seems very dark picture.
  2. Madbrush

    Madbrush Guest

    Try starting with a mid to dark grey, only use black where you actually want, like for shadows and stuff, I had the same problem as well as everything looking dirty, so I've started over-thinning and using less pressure, now I gradually build the colour up instead blasting everything in one go, this applies to anything you do, not just skulls, hope this helps.
  3. Bandit

    Bandit Guest

    OK, I shall try that. Maybe some drop of red or blue in the gray could be cool to make it warmer or cooler. Thanx for your response.

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