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FOR SALE Airbrush paint for sale

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale!' started by mike k, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. mike k

    mike k Spider Splatterer

    May 2, 2017
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    Hey guys mike here from jersey, i wanted to post here before ebay, im selling a bunch of paint, over 10bottles of wicked, couple of auto air, a bunch of createx illustration 10+ bottles, some createx pure pigments, some badger spectratex, and a bunch more, i will post pictures later i been trying to, but its a little difficult, i havent posted how much im looking to sell then for, but if someone is interested, and after i show the pictures, ill leave the offer to the buyer because i understand if there is skepticism, but i asure whoever is interested, that they arent that old, maybe 6 months tops, and im only selling because i finally found a paint line im comfortable with in everyway (inspire h20 btw), i would like to sell all together if possible, but if someone wants all the createx and nothing else thats fine to, i assume almost everyone knows how much each bottle cost by itself, so maybe together we can come to a deal, i also have 12 schmincke inks i believe, the whole primary set along with an extra white and flesh tone, if anyone is interested, ill ship wherever, i apologize again if this isnt enough information, if someone does want the paint ill give you my number and send pictures that way, i also have a bunch of model paints, mission models about 6, and a bunch of tamiya 10+. I hope everyone has a bless day

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