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First 3 Fishing lures painted!

Discussion in 'Artwork help and showcase for newbies' started by Kwoui, May 8, 2021.

  1. Kwoui

    Kwoui Young Tutorling

    Apr 25, 2021
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    Quebec, Canada
    Finally received my lure blanks in the mail the other day and went ahead and painted 3 of them. I know this isn't the type of stuff that gets posted in here but I ran in an issue that you guys might be able to assist with .

    The first lure I made a couple mistakes. The first one being the stencil I cut out for the stripes is too sharp/straight but that only means I need to get better at using the x-acto knife. The other mistake I made was that I used a positive stencil for the gills instead of a negative one ( a positive stencil would probably still have worked well if I didn't go so heavy on the paint)

    The second one I've very pleased with, once again my stencil is a bit too "straight" to my liking but I see some improvement.

    The third one I'm also very pleased with. The only real issue I had was with the yellow stripe. It seems that despite a very good wash in-between colors, there was still some blue stuck in the nozzle which caused my yellow to turn green when I started spraying because I forgot to do a test spray( looks apple green in person, had to mix in some more laguna blue to my cup to make the other side match)

    If I had to guess, I'd bet the issue was my paint reduction combined with the fact that I wasn't cleaning the tip dry often enough. At some point there was some delay between me pulling the trigger and the paint spraying and even after cleaning the tip dry the delay remained so I assume the nozzle itself was getting clogged.

    so here is my two questions for you
    1) Can not removing tip dry constantly end up clogging the nozzle itself or is that mainly because of the paint consistency?

    2) what reduction would you suggest? I'm using a iwata eclipse hp-cs with wicked colors reduced 10% with 4011 at 25 PSI. After some more research I found out its suggested to use a .5mm needle for these specs. I've tried searching the forum for reduction ratio that would work for a hp-cs and the only posts I've found are talking of crazy ratios ( 1 part paint for 10-20 part reducer a 15psi) which I assume is for very fine detail work.

    Thanks for your time
    lure 1. [​IMG]
    lure 2. [​IMG]
    lure 3. [​IMG]
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  2. Kingpin

    Kingpin Triple Actioner

    May 1, 2021
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    Gloucestershire, UK
    Cant help with Your Questions but the lures look stunning :)
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  3. twood

    twood Air-Valve Autobot! Very Likeable!

    May 10, 2013
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    Glen Morris, Ontario, Canada
    They look great...and don't ever think this doesn't belong here. Anything that doesn't move gets painted around here lol
    10% reduction is basically a starting point for reduction. Sorry, but there is no magic number. Reduce until it sprays properly for you and your paints.
    Tip dry will affect the spray and most likely your issue was reduction related. Paint will thicken up in your cup after a while. And it will dry around the side of the cup causing dry paint to be sprayed clogging up the brush. Been there, done that, bought the
    After awhile you figure out what works and what doesn't for you. There are many variables that you will learn to deal with in time. Also what worked one day might not work the next....
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  4. Karl Becker

    Karl Becker Mac-Valve Maestro! Very Likeable!

    Oct 3, 2020
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    Northern IL, USA
    That first entry looks great! What Tony said above is spot on. Keep going!
  5. basepaint

    basepaint Air-Valve Autobot! Very Likeable!

    Feb 18, 2014
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    west virgina
    They all look great for your first attempt and should all catch fish(that's what matters most) as for leaving some paint in the cup? it happens to the best of us too. As for reducing your paint I start with a a 60% 40% mix it's a little over reduced but I don't try to cover the bait in one pass 2 to 3 passes most of the time but have gone up to as many as 6! I'm not on here much but I do check in here and there so if you have a question about something send me a pm and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can!
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  6. JackEb

    JackEb The Dragon Hunter Staff Member Admin

    Apr 21, 2012
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    Mt Barker, South Australia
    @basepaint, I've embedded your pic just so I don't have to squint at the screen, I have enough wrinkles, I don't need more. !

    @Kwoui - we love seeing / helping anything that has been airbrushed, not just artwork !

    You've already been given the bad news that there is no magic recipe. it is all trial and error, depending on where you call home, what season it is, the ambient climate in your paint room - all have an effect on how your spraying is going to work

    I always start a session spraying on printer paper to get the paint to where I want it.
    I start at 15% reduction at 20psi and reduce a little more if it looks to thick / not spraying well. A bit more practice with 'dialling in the paint' will be an advantage.
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