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How to Blend Skin Tones..

Discussion in 'Colour Theory' started by airbrushtutor, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Taffy

    Taffy Guest

    hi mate wicked vid, cant find pdf file thanks so much awsome work
  2. ck*

    ck* Guest

    Nice thx for the video!! but im still working on DOTS ●●● , and ____/ lines, ░░▒▒▒▓▓███ and blending, my dagger stroke is backwards. :numbness: hmmm
  3. misfit

    misfit Guest

    Great video. A big help.

  4. RebelAir

    RebelAir Air-Valve Autobot!

    May 2, 2012
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    Victoria Australia
    I have to admit I luv black for darkening a color, makes life easier..LOL but an easy guide to remember, if you want a darker shade/tone of a color, mix some of its complimentary color with it..IE those opposite each other on the color wheel...In traditional oils and acrylics, you would generally start with a pure color, pull some aside and mix its complimentary to near the point of black, then use this color to add back to the pure color to darken gradually, it acts like a black and keeps more vibrancy in the initial pure color when added as Mitch was mentioning. Great work on the vid m8...
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  5. Put the video lesson into practice today and disappointed with my self as I am going wrong somewhere.

    I have the first mix down pat, Baby Skin Pink, lovely just as Mitch teaches.
    After that adding 2 x red, 1 x blue didn't look like a skin tone I saw on the video :-(
    Added 1 x yellow and it looks a gingery pink....if such a colour exists !

    I am currently using Medea Textile cos that's what I bought.
    I have not wasted any paint though as I keep the experiments in a sealed container for use for me dots and dagger, fades and blends.

    Anyone been down the same road as me and worked out what is wrong please?
  6. Madbrush

    Madbrush Guest

    All paints will behave differently depending on the pigments, the only thing your doing wrong is trying to match what you see on the vid, that won't happen because the colours you see in the vid differ per person depending on colour intensity and contrast on their computer screens.

    The info Mitch gave is general tutorial based on the reference he used, however, if you want to mix skin tones, you use the same colours he used (which is the golden rule) but you need to use your own reference, like a photo or picture in a magazine, choose the light, medium and darker skin tones from there and try to match each of them, this will mean that the amounts of each of the colours you may be different, but that does not mean it's wrong.

    The colours on your computer screen are seriously enhanced due to the backlight on your screen and various other factors.

    God, don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about? lol
  7. Thanks, but I was mixing the colours as described in the vid using my reference.
    I was trying to match the skin tone of a Caucasian and ended up with a colour that would allow me to paint Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.
    Any idea how long the paint will keep in case I ever want to paint Apu? :)
  8. Madbrush

    Madbrush Guest

    You can keep it as long as you like as long as it doesn't freeze, and who the hell is "Apu" lol

    If you mix any more, begin with very small amounts and keep note of everything you did to get the colours when you succeed.

    If you mixed yellow and red, say 10 drops yellow and 8 drops red, you obviously end up with pink, then you mix this with your white adding a little at a time, but the amount of blue you would need would be very minute, you get darker tones by adding slightly more blue, I think in your excitement, you went straight for the deepest Afrikan look, lol

    You'll get there

    You might be able to find some kind of chart if you google a little, I'll have look too, if I find anything I'll let know know.
  9. Cheers Buddy,
    Apu runs the quicky mart in "The Simpsons"
  10. Madbrush

    Madbrush Guest

    Now I should have known that, what an idiot I am, lol I should eat my own shorts
  11. Thomas Barber

    Thomas Barber Spider Splatterer

    May 11, 2012
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    Herefordshire, UK
    I'm still like a dog, working in black and white holding the airbrush in my clumsy paw. I'm looking forward to start doing colour! very useful video!
    I hear the airbrush tutor theme song in my dreams..
  12. AirFilter

    AirFilter Guest

    I like this post and provide valuable information.
  13. drobbins12

    drobbins12 Guest



    Here is my first attempt at blending skin tones. I took what Mitch said about mixing the colors, I did a seperate batch with black for my shading and it turned out pretty good. How should I go about the eye lid that I havent done yet, should I do that in black, or my darkest skin tone color.

    Would love some feedback, negative feed back welcome.

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  14. ranhalen

    ranhalen Guest

    i would use my darkest skin tone first, if that not dark enough for you add a little black, look very realistic, gonna look good when you get it finished
  15. Tufty

    Tufty Guest

    First off I had to double check the picture! I thought I had entered the wrong website. That's a complement to your skin tones. Lol. I agree with ranhalen as I think to dark will be to much. That looks great though.
  16. ranhalen

    ranhalen Guest

    lol , now i see it
  17. airbrushtutor

    airbrushtutor Love Spreading Overseer Admin Very Likeable!

    Feb 21, 2012
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    hahaha:) good stuff Dylan - you could probably use a little less red in that mid tone but it still looks good. When you want to do darker colors, darken your darkest color either with red and blue or simply use black and red. with practise you'll begin to see what clean colors look like because they just blend in nicely together. I think it look really good mate:)
  18. AndreZA

    AndreZA Love this place! Forum Supporter Very Likeable!

    Feb 28, 2012
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    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Here is my attempts at skin tone using Mitch's colors. I did not use black to darken though but rather Payne's grey. BTW, this is an eye I made for the competition but screwed it up when I did the lashes.

  19. Madbrush

    Madbrush Guest

    The tones are so good it looks real, and I'm struggling to find what you think you screwed up, unbelievably precise work, you may go to the top of the class, lol
  20. Pingi

    Pingi Guest

    wow AndreZA this tends to photo realism. Only one small suggestion. The border of iris in the eye has a soft edge not a sharp one if you look precise.
    Damn good eye anyway !

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