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How to Maintain an Airbrush!

Discussion in 'Airbrushes' started by airbrushtutor, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. ranhalen

    ranhalen Guest

    thanks seamonkey, i was just wondering if the plumbers tape would work on the micron to save some money
  2. justme

    justme Gravity Guru

    Apr 11, 2012
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    You can use the plumbers tape that they sell in your average diy store to seal off the nozzle.

    @ seamonkey, find yourself a new supplier 10$ for the o ring is to much cost around here 2 euro 50, and you might even do a online search for a o ring supplier in the us who sell the same o rings for 2 cents a piece. Measure the inside diameter of the o ring and the thickness and you have the size, saves you a lot of money.
  3. ranhalen

    ranhalen Guest

    thanks junkie for the info, im sure seamonkey can probably make his own o ring with a dremel tool and a scrap tire, theres not much he cant do, except share his damn shine
  4. Wigz

    Wigz Guest

    I dont know if this helps anyone but one thing i found out that over filling my cup will definitely cause bubbles in the cup. I barely cover the inside of my needle and it works fine, but then again I dont have high dollar equipment.
  5. ad fez

    ad fez Guest

    the amount of paint in your cup should not affect you getting bubbles back in the cup wigz.after all paint is travelling away from the cup not towards it.check and clean your set up thoroughly and make sure you paint has no clumps in
  6. you're always number one ;)
  7. ichigo_doux

    ichigo_doux Guest

    Thank you for this one, very good explained and useable for all types of brushes!

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