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HP-SC eclipse for sale

Discussion in 'Equipment Classified Ads' started by Max Chickens, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Max Chickens

    Max Chickens Guest

    HP-CS eclipse for sale

    Hey guys...i was looking at selling my HP-CS eclispe so i can upgrade to a HP-CP...

    it've had it for a couple of months, hasnt been used much, i've still got the original packaging and it comes with a spare needle. Im relatively new to Airbrushing and its been pretty good, no problems with it as far as i can tell...

    its pretty easy to use, nice airbrush, parts are easy to get and pretty cheap, its easy to clean, nice big gravity fed paint cup

    i was thinking $100 AUST, with a new unopened needle..

    i live in Brisbane, Australia so if you live overseas let me know and i can get a shipping quote for you.

    let me know if your interested..or if you want me to take photos of it.
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  2. OK Kustoms

    OK Kustoms Guest

    Im interested chickens. How much posted to England ?
  3. Max Chickens

    Max Chickens Guest

    Extremely sorry for the late reply mate, i hadnt checked this tread in a while...excrement excuse i know.

    Were you still interested?

  4. how much is post cos to finland

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