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Mobile Air ventilation

Discussion in 'Techniques, Textures, Tips & Tricks!' started by m3ntalo, Apr 17, 2019.

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    Mar 16, 2013
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    I was struggling to find a solution to my ventilation problem. So I post this here incase someone looks for the same.

    I don't use solvent paints and basecoats and backgrounds I try to lay down in the garage mainly.

    On the other side I work in a big room where I also watch TV etc and cats are around aswell. So I want the air as clean as possible.
    An airbrush booth would be good, but I work on an architects table, where I change positions sometimes and also due to the hydraulics I don't want all the weight on it. Then sometimes also I switch to an easel. So those bulky boxes are not really working and inflexible to move.
    Last condition was to have a hose on the air cleaner since I have a window close.

    If you have the same requirements, this will work pretty good:
    The bench vent was around 350 eur, the rack 150 and the holders about 20. So it's not the cheapest but for my needs the best fitting options.

    A mobile TV Rack from Amazon. Pretty sturdy and moves very good. It has also brakes for not pushing it by accident. You can also change the height depending on your easel or table height.

    On the vesa mounting I fixed two holders from the hardware store.

    Then I just place the bench vent air vent inside and can adjust the position and height freely in the room and according to my needs.


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