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NEW SOTAR 2020 on Amazon for $75 USD!

Discussion in 'Equipment Classified Ads' started by Dart Vader, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Melbee

    Melbee Guest

    Hi Folks, Happy Easter!
    My Sotars arrived yesterday and only took a week to get here (US to Holland). I ordered 2 in the end so that I'd not have to worry about spare parts. In the box was a complete Sotar, a spare needle and a 2 pronged needle protector. I'd ordered a Badger air line converter which came the day before so I'm ready to go. I've got a bit of a cold so I've not tried it yet, but will let you know my findings after I have.

    My first impressions are very good, I didn't have trouble with loosening parts as some people mentioned they did. I haven't done a full strip down and lube yet but the trigger feels smooth enough straight from the box. I really like being able to get at the needle without taking the back off, easy to get rid of tip clogs without having to turn the paint limiter back and I can easily pull the needle tip inside the body at days end to protect it.

    One thing though, both needles had slight bent tips (in airbrush and spare), but I polished them which also straightened them no worries. Thought I mention it in case anyone has problems spraying first time out.
    Cheers Mel
  2. flycatchr

    flycatchr Guest

    hi melbee
    how much was the postage?
  3. jord001

    jord001 Air-Valve Autobot!

    Aug 23, 2012
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    Birmingham UK
    Oo Mel you dark horse ordering two lol. Sorry Mel haven't been on much and didn't see the post. I'm not at home at the moment so can't check what I got in the boxes. I did get a spare needle but not sure about the protector. Will have to check if I took a picture.
    Yep took a pic and looks like a cover of some sort in a small tube. Can't upload a pic grrr blooming iPads

  4. Melbee

    Melbee Guest

    Hi flycatchr,
    Put in an order for one but don't confirm the order. It will tell you the delivery and import fees, then all you have to do is to click 'change the amount' (something like that) next to the amount box and it will give you the option to delete. For 1 Sotar mine came to 82 euros which is about £70 including post and import fees.

    Hi Lee,
    Ha Ha! Actually I ordered one Sotar and then decided to get another one the day after so I'd have a backup. I'm glad you told me about the air line connector, I'd have been well miffed if I had to wait for a part before I could use it, cheers.
  5. Brix

    Brix Guest

    Oh god... Is there way how to get that thing from US to Slovakia in EU? So far I understand from discussion its only for US market on amazon...
  6. Melbee

    Melbee Guest

    Hi Brix,
    If you read my last 2 posts on this page you will see that I live in Holland and they delivered to me. Others in Europe have bought them. In my last post I explain if you place an order but DO NOT confirm it they will tell you the post and import fees (total cost) so you know how much. You can then delete the order if you decide not to buy at that time.

    I read on another post that you have an HP-B+ and I have an HP-SB+ which is the basically the same but with side-feed. I have only used the Sotar a few times in tests and have not painted a picture yet so it is difficult to say exactly what it is like to work with. I did feel that it gave me a little more control compared to the HP-SB+ which is what I was looking for (I read you would like more control) but I found that it is VERY, very sensitive to the paint mix. When I tried a white mix 2 days ago it sprayed very well but yesterday I tried the same mix with black and it did not spray well at all but the HP-SB+ did. I had to dilute the paint for the Sotar a lot before it would spray reasonably and even then it was not great. I think once I have the paint mix sorted it will be a really good detail airbrush but it will require a very thin paint mix which will need more layers to get it dark. I have read other reviews that say the Sotar is very fussy about the paint mix and it has to be just right, I thought you should be aware of this.

    I have never used an H&S Infinity or an Iwata Micron so I cannot compare the Sotar to either of those but the price at Amazon is much cheaper that either of them. I have read that they are both also fussy about paint. Compared to the HP-SB+ the Sotar does feel like it will give me more control but I will need to use a thinner paint mix and build up in more layers.
  7. Melbee

    Melbee Guest

    I have just finished using the Sotar 20/20 for the first time to do some real painting.
    I have to say I'm well impressed. I can get into tight corners without too much over spray because of it's narrow spray cone. It gives me a lot more confidence to go in to do detail work that I found scary with my HP-SB+. I just feel I have more control and that feels great!

    I still have a lot to do on figuring out the paint reduction because it is finicky about it. I was using Com-Art Grey tones and put in some Golden Airbrush Medium if I felt it needed thinning. I didn't use water because Com-Art is already quite thin. So it's still early days but I am not at all disappointed, actually I think I'm gonna love it.

    It is very, very easy to clean if you don't dissemble the head. Take out the needle, take off the air regulator, unscrew the whole head section with the tip/nozzle still inside. Use airbrush cleaner solution on a soft long haired paint brush to clean the head, including nozzle and the separate regulator. Use a cloth for the needle and put back together and your done. Brilliant!

    I've just learned to never use those little cleaning brushes in the body of ANY airbrush because any damage inside can effect the performance. The core of the brushes are made of metal and that can damage the inside of the body and the PTFE needle packing. Leaving some cleaning fluid in the airbrush for 10 minutes or so should be enough to clean the inside of the body before you take it apart to clean the rest.

    The cup is close to the trigger but with my gal size hands it's not a problem, guys hands might have issues with it but you could always put something on top of the trigger to raise your finger up a bit and that should fix it.

    I wouldn't recommend the Sotar as a beginner airbrush as it really is only for detail. But if you already have a workhorse airbrush this will be a great addition as a detail airbrush as long as you can be patient with the paint mixing.

    These are only my findings and I'm sure others may not like the Sotar for their own reasons, but I most certainly do.
    Cheers Mel
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  8. Sounds really great, I bought a sotar from Crash Bandicoot (on here) and can't wait for it to arrive so I can have a play :eagerness:
  9. contenderfan

    contenderfan Guest

    I just ordered one of the Sotars saturday. price was $71 with an additional $30 off for signing up for an Amazon gift/credit card. Got the Sotar for $47.76 delivered, should get it this friday. You just cant beat that price with a stick.
  10. Spitfire97

    Spitfire97 Guest

    when the sotars are at $455 the company's must make a killing! Especially if they can still make a profit at $70!
  11. Brix

    Brix Guest

    Got my sotar just after 5 days to Slovakia ( in EU ) Strange that I expected it ll be delivered from US, but actually it was send from belgium so actually looks like I don´t need to pay any import duty as its by EU. Costs me 69€ with shipment. ( still wondering why so low price ) Also goit extra needla ald all the acessories the other ppl post here :D
  12. flycatchr

    flycatchr Guest

    awesome news Brix
  13. Melbee

    Melbee Guest

    Nice one Brix. Mine had a Belgium label too but there was one underneath from USA. I can only think that they come into Europe via Belgium and are then distributed from there and they put on their own label. 5 days, that's quick, mine took a week :)
    Happy airbrushing.
  14. flycatchr

    flycatchr Guest

    oooops - i clicked on "confirm purchase" :) eta - star wars day :)
  15. contenderfan

    contenderfan Guest

    My Sotar came today, cant use it cause it wont fit my airhose. (Now thats aggravating) So, I had to order a couple adapters, ordered two because I also have a Badger Krome coming. Didnt even think about the fittings being different, aggravating but oh well.
  16. Lowrider

    Lowrider Needle-chuck Ninja

    Mar 11, 2013
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    What is so great about a SOTAR other than the name sounds the emperor name of a distant planet in another galaxy. Emporer Sotar will see you now earthling.
  17. Brix

    Brix Guest

    Same here but I did some research :D and noticed that usa dont use metric system so any eu adapters fits, but most of badger > 1/8 adapters are still avaliable in local shops even its more expensive still worth cos shipment fees are way lower... so in general worth to buy in local stores.
  18. flycatchr

    flycatchr Guest

    Value for money at this price :)
  19. flycatchr

    flycatchr Guest

    As a matter of interest, does anyone know the designation for the badger thread? IE - most of my compressor fittings are 1/4 bsp while the cheesy ABs are 1/8 bsp (I THINK) - so i will need to go from 1/8th to the badger. Is the Iwata standard fitting also 1/8th bsp?
  20. AndreZA

    AndreZA Love this place! Forum Supporter Very Likeable!

    Feb 28, 2012
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    Johannesburg, South Africa
    The Krome comes with an adapter in the box.

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