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the other way round

Discussion in 'Open Bar!' started by Ronald art, May 28, 2018.

  1. Ronald art

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    Nov 13, 2014
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    I am so used to be followed by other dogs when I walk our own dogs and to send them back to their owners but today it was the other way around and I had to make sure the "strange"dog kept following me to the off leash forest so he could be caught and returned to his owner.
    I was just a mile into my walk from my house to that forest when a big pointer like dog showed up without a collar or leash and I thought I recognized him as the rescue dog that was adopted just 2 weeks ago by someone I know from my walks with the dogs and I only had my dogs leashes with me so I could not put a leash on him to take him with me and I had to come up with a trick most dogs cant resist : addressing the dog and telling him to follow me.
    It worked and once I entered the forest and when I took my dogs off the leash it was easy and I could lead him to a little stream where many dog owners go with their dogs to let them swim and drink ( it was 30 C today) and I was in luck when I saw two ladies who could help me corner the dog and put one of their leashes on the dog.
    trouble was my youngest dog is just 1 year old and not yet used to see me handle strange dogs and stayed behind without me noticing that till my other dog started looking for him and by that time the wee one lost track off me and had started looking for me on the normal route but I was taking a short cut and he could not find me and started to panic according to other dog walkers who had seen him run and pointed me in the right direction so he could see and find me again and to avoid more problems I put my dogs on the leash as well and I walked back to my hose to find a very relieved and happy owner waiting for me and his dog :)
    all in all not the easy laid back walk I had planned on the warm day but I enjoyed the fact I was able to keep the dog with me and return him to his owner
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