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Which airbrush do you use?

Discussion in 'Airbrushes' started by Malsograf, Mar 5, 2012.


Which Airbrush Do You Use?

  1. Passche

  2. Iwata

  3. Grex

  4. Badger

  5. Harder Steenbeck

  6. Master Series

  7. Knock Off's Made in China

  8. Richpen

  9. Olympos

  10. EFBE

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Alexa7x23

    Alexa7x23 Guest

    Iwata hi-line HP-CH..great BRUSH!!
  2. bondi78

    bondi78 Guest

    Iwata HP-C Plus for general
    Badger Renegade Velocity for details

    Badger Krome on the way!!!
  3. Cordyk

    Cordyk Sheriff Woody (Admington)

    Feb 22, 2012
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    Elmswell,Suffolk,United Kingdom
    Ha ha like your style bondi!

    Iwata HP-C plus
    Badger 105 Patriot

    Badger Krome AND complete paint set on the way(when I redirect the post man from bondi,s house):)
  4. IMCustom

    IMCustom Spider Splatterer

    May 21, 2012
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    I would say my HP-C is more of a work horse, and my CM-SB for all detail work.
  5. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Young Tutorling

    May 21, 2012
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    I'm the proud owner of a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra, a 0.2 mm

    It's my first airbrush, and I think it's a great airbrush to start with. It has the same needle and nozzle as the H&S evolution, and is basicly the same airbrush, only for abour half the price.
  6. maddoc

    maddoc Guest

    i use a passche that i bought at a pawn shop for 35$ with all three tip sizes. parts are inexpensive.. had to replace #1 needle right away..(had a bent tip). also purchased a badger velocity when it was on sale for 65$ .. so far great for my level of experience (beginner) ....never having used anything else i have nothing to compare them too and being on a tight budget anyway i guess i was lucky to find them so cheap
  7. Sakki

    Sakki Guest

    hey everybody... Well I used a "marca patito" airbrush for now lol I'm from Ecuador so "marca patito" is a reference for things that haven't got a cool brand or are the basic generic of all the types... I bought it for 20 bucks and it's doing the job but I guess I'll get an IWATA when I improve my airbrushing.
    PS: My english isn't very good is it? Well... I'm ecuadorian so I speak spanish. If you have something to tell me please do it slow lol kiddin'
  8. fatboy

    fatboy Guest

    I use badger 150's (which I'd like to upgrade to the R3R Rage) the 155 Anthem, and for detailed work I use Badgers Renegade Volocity. I like the way their brushes are put together and that spare parts are cheap and easy to get hold of directly from the US.
  9. Syko

    Syko Guest

    Iwata HP-SBS
  10. Carly

    Carly Guest

    Fellow AB'ers
    I use Harder and Steenbeck Silverline Evolution range gravity and suction feed, I only know this manufactures also had the cheepy China type but that was short lived.
    Parts are interchangeable on the H&S range quick to take apart and assemble.
  11. Graywolf

    Graywolf Guest

    I have several Master's series all double action and 1 paasche H. single action this is about all I can afford thanks to being disable.
    They are the g22,g23,g444,sb84,e90, then the paasche h- I used it to do the base layer if I'm doing it all in one color.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2012
  12. SaxTecc05

    SaxTecc05 Guest

    I own a Iwata HP-CS since about 2 weeks....made me sell my 4 old airbrushes from Black Bull ( china made is my guess ) Wishing to buy more Iwata airbrushes especially for details so most likely if i can save up somehow i'll be going for Micron 0,18 or Ultron SE0.10-C airbrushes.....put the money from the sell into larger compressor first. The Iwata is very easy to clean so far ( the older arbrushes i had i put in ulrasone cleaners for days and it would just not get clean.) But i take reference to what everyone is telling here about what they use....might help me with my next buy.
  13. Pistol

    Pistol Guest

    Hi all, Im brand new to this forum, and airbrushing in general. As this is my first post, I just thought I'd ask what people's thoughts are on the Badger 360 universal airbrush? I bought one of these a week or so ago, and have been mucking around on paper, doing dagger strokes, dots, lines etc. as I've watched the mighty Airbrush tutor do on youtube (Mitch is a classic! makes me laugh alot).
    Where is Airbrush tutor based anyway? Sydney I'm guessing?
    I live in Bendigo, Victoria (Australia, for anyone who doesnt know where it is)
    I'm going to have to order some paints online, as there's not really anyone who deals with airbrush supplies here (which sucks!)
    Anyway, I very much look forward to learning, and improving, and sharing it all with you..
    Cheers, Paul.
  14. Domes

    Domes Guest

    I am learning Fengda 130. Over time, I would like to Iwata.
  15. SaxTecc05

    SaxTecc05 Guest

    Just made a second hand buy for a Badger 150 for the small prize of €35,-
  16. ad fez

    ad fez kind of a big deal = Admington

    Jun 29, 2012
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    cambs u.k
    have just purchased but not arrived yet a shiny new badger renegade velocity
  17. chalkedup

    chalkedup Guest

    i bought a iwata neo to get me started , had it around 6 days and im already looking around my room to see what i can sell to upgrade lol
    its still better than i am but the needle doesnt draw back centred as the nozzle doesnt sit straight on this one so although it most likely doesnt effect what im doing too much its still in my head that it could be better
  18. ichigo_doux

    ichigo_doux Guest

    I used to paint with a Sparmax airbrush, mostely used for RC bodies.
    But since I own a H&S infinty, it's a Huge difference!
  19. Hi

    Iwata Revolutions for me now, CR, BR and BCR

    In the past it was all Badger, 100, 150, 155, 200, 175

    I have also had a few Chinese Knock offs as well and found the one sold under the VEDA Name was really good, even for an Iwata Custom Micron Knockoff it was a good reliable brush even though it was only £14 at the time I bought mine. I now only use Iwatas and to be honest I cannot say they are miles better than this brush was, but they are better just not by as much as I would have hoped when I spent all that money. I do know that is probably down to me and in the hands of a more demanding artist the difference will be much more obvious but for spraying normal modelling enamels and acrylics they are all very close.

  20. ignis

    ignis Needle-chuck Ninja

    Sep 1, 2012
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    A long way from distant
    Paasche Turbo, Iwata HP-BH and Iwata CM SB.

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