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Auto air trans base help!

Discussion in 'Paints' started by kylegabbert, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. kylegabbert

    kylegabbert Guest

    When spraying the trans base over a stencil in order to lock it in and seal the edges, how much should be sprayed? I painted a piece yesterday, I placed a stencil then 4004 over it, then a color over that. When I removed the stencil, some of the color came up as well. Like it had no adhesion to the base coat, which was sealer white sprayed about 10 minutes before. And if it makes a difference, I added intercoat amd automotive reducer to the color I sprayed over the trans base/stencil
  2. RebelAir

    RebelAir Air-Valve Autobot!

    May 2, 2012
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    Victoria Australia
    Give your base time to cure..10 minutes may be enough in warm environment to harden enough but maybe not, also it could be a prep issue and the paints not adhering as it has nothing to adhere or lock onto, scuffing your surfaces etc ? Also seems your mixing a few things together and could also cause an issue, good luck
  3. airbrushtutor

    airbrushtutor Love Spreading Overseer Admin Very Likeable!

    Feb 21, 2012
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    Hey Kyle, I would recommend you don't seal your stencil. Apply the colour straight onto it, just make sure your stencil edges are down properly.
    When you peel the stencil off, slowly peel back and away from the edge also, so the stencil 'cuts' through the paint

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